Lawn care

By Greg Pierceof Lawn Masters, Inc.

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This is the place for Lawn Care Information. Most everything you need to know you will find here on establishing and maintaining a beautiful lawn. Click on the Lawn Care links at your left to take you through the lawn care procedures.


   Watering your grass is an important step of the lawn care process. Especially after seeding. My commercial customers get a handout with every new seed job that basically explains that we have done our part, now it's your turn to do your part. Start watering now and when you think you have watered too much, water some more and your probably just getting there. Also I stress that with No Water.... you get NO GRASS. I am amazed at the people that will pay us hundreds or even thousands of dollars to establish a lawn but then won't spend a little time on watering to be sure the grass comes up or the sod lives.

   Two main types of watering are Establishment and Maintenance. The establishment watering is done by watering every day if not 3 times per day every day for short periods of time. First, water as often as possible, if you have an automatic system set it to water 3 times per day morning, early afternoon and 6 or 7 at night. Most of our automatic systems will be set to run from 5 to 15 minutes per zone depending on what kind of heads we have running on that zone. If watering by hand, water until the point of runoff then move the sprinkler. Use this method until the new grass is out of the ground and about 3 inches tall. At this time you are going to want to start cutting the grass. Turn the water off for a couple of days to let the ground dry out before mowing, then use a new or freshly sharpened blade with your mower set at 3" or higher. After mowing start watering again except back off by half, water every other day once a day for a longer period of time to start soaking deep. Slowly change your watering schedule to watering once or twice a week and watering for long periods on each zone to soak the ground to 6" deep. This will encourage deep root growth. Also, do not water at night except during establishment. The first watering session to knock off is the night watering. Watering at night will encourage fungus' to start on the grass and this is a very bad thing. Fungus will spread across the lawn in a week or less and kill the new grass as it goes. Fungus will look like straw colored spots in the lawn in a circular pattern. It looks like the grass is dyeing for lack of water. But more water just increases the fungus. Once a fungus gets started a Fungicide application is needed to kill it out. Fungicides are usually label Danger, the strongest signal word on Pesticides. So you are best to call a local lawn spray company to come handle it for you. Besides, the chemical is very expensive and sometimes only sold in gallon or larger containers that you would never use up.

Automatic Irrigation System Design

   We now offer Irrigation System Design. E-mail us for complete details. With information you provide us about your property such as size, dimensions, type of grass, water source, etc., we can design an irrigation system for you providing you with a CAD designed Blueprint with detailed instructions on installation, pipe sizes to use, head sizes and placement. All information to do the job, you supply the labor and save thousands over having a professional install it for you. We can even set you up with the needed electronic timers, valves and other needed materials to install the system. E-mail us to get more information

   Key Benefits

       Keeps the Grass Growing Healthy

      Protects Your Investment

      Keeps the Soil From Compacting

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